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About Karen

Aussie travel writer, editor, and photographer Karen Hastings plunged into the crocodile-infested Okavango Delta riding bareback on an African elephant, temple-hopped in Cambodia, carved up powder-packed slopes in Europe, and blissed out on a tiny island in the Bahamas for two years. She writes travel guidebooks, hotel reviews, and travel articles and has reviewed more than 300 luxury resorts and game lodges in Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean, some of her favorite destinations.

Karen is a Contributing Editor at PlanetWare: Travel Guides by the Experts, and you can see hundreds of her articles in both print and online media, including The San Diego Union Tribune, Montecito Magazine, Bindu Trips, and Forbes Travel Guide.

Karen has a passion for wild places and tropical islands. Besides her beloved Australia, she has lived in the Cayman Islands, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Canada, the French Alps, and Jackson Hole, and she is currently based in sun-soaked Santa Barbara, California. She’s always seeking new adventures to share with fellow travelers. Connect with her below:

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One thought on “Travel, Nature, Adventure, Health

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    I would like to use your photos as background with my arrangement on a Youtube post. Would it be possible to use your photos behind my arrangement?

    Please let me know.

    Bruce Chidester
    Branson Trumpet Ensemble.

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